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Speaking of TALCO, it´s easy to think of a road wich is getting so long you can´t see the end.

A road that started 10 years ago. Starting at the small venues in Marghera, their first record “Tutti Assolti” arrived in 2004, produced by “Kob Records” and “Mad Butcher Records”.

All the magazines says that “something unexpected” is happening at the italian punk scene, wich lived in a period of crisis..

The energy of this first record is also felt at their first appereances in public, thanks to some DIY shows booked abroad.

The band started to gain following in Italy and Europe with their two next records “Combat Circus” (2006) and “Mazel Tov” (2008) wich saw a more personal and mature style that the band labeled “Punk-Chanka” in tribute to Mano Negra, mixing Rock, Ska, Folk, etc... but keeping the punk roots. With the “Mazel Tov” tour, the band appears at some of the most important european festivals, beeing the italian band most active in Europe.

In 2012 the band recorded their most succesful record up to date, “Gran Galá”. The single “La Danza dell´Autunno Rosa” it´s an inmediate hit, and the crowds and the venues goes larger and larger, playing 200 shows in two years.

2014 is a very important year; the band celebrates their first 10 years of activity and the becoming of one of the most important and well known bands of their scene in Europe. 10 years full of events and experiences.

A live record is made in Iruña to celebrate all these 10 years, and this recording became a double LP/CD + DVD with a documentary with various footage of the band along their early years until today.

The “10 Years” tour was the afirmation of how much the band has consolidated their success, appearing again at various festivals around the european geography.

And after such important tour that brought the inevitable changes that made the band grow like never before, a new record, “Silent Town” released by “Kasba Music”, appears; a new project that mixes the strenght of “Combat Circus” y “Mazel Tov” with the melodies of “La Cretina Commedia” and “Gran Galà”. It´s proably the most mature TALCO record, a project the band has been building for many years that now is ready.

Brand new album "And The Winner Isn´t" will be released on the 23rd of Feb. 2018! EBRI KNIGHT Ebri Knight are at the most successful stage of their career. More than 60 concerts since their latest album ‘Foc!’ (Fire!) came out in April 2015; a national tour shared with the Italians Talco, hanging the sign Sold Out everywhere they went, two Enderrock awards 2016 for the best album and folk song, and most importantly, they have the appreciation of the public and the respect of the producers. These men from the Maresme are not a band that rose to fame from one day to the next; they are a solid project, founded with their own dedication and effort for ten years, that gained an incontestable reputation thanks to energetic live performances and a punk and committed attitude, in which the Mediterranean and Celtic musical tradition collide and explode.

This recognition of the strength of the roots with a punk-rock style makes them a group with a unique personality, that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. Their concerts are a party without a break, on and down the stage, where a high politic and social component that makes them say things as they are isn’t left out. In this tour they fuel the Fire!, making it burn with even more intensity, so that all the sparks that fly away set fire to everything that doesn’t work in this society.

In the career of the Ebri we find the most important Festes Majors (local celebrations), Festivals and Concert Halls of the Catalan Countries, tours all over Spain and incursions on France. A status of poster headline that they earned thanks to the encouragement of a great number of people, entities and celebration committees that backed this project up and gave their support over the years. VVK.

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