Mi 04.03.2009 | Einlass ab 19:00 Uhr | Konzertbeginn 20:00 Uhr



18,50 €
Konzertagentur: Music Circus
Charlottenplatz 17
70173 Stuttgart
Tel.: +49 (0)711-22 11 05

!!! Verlegt ins UNIVERSUM !!

It´s a long way home from wherever you are if your hometown is SKINNSKATTEBERG/FAGERSTA in Sweden while going bonkers all over the world for more than a decade. With four albums and two compilations "No straight angles" 1994, "Out Of Bounds" 1995, "The Big Knockover" 1997, "EP´s Going Steady" 1998, "State Of Flow" 2000 and “Master Celebrations” 2002.

So in 2001 NFAA took a break! In 2004 we started doing occasional re-union gigs. One thing led to another and suddenly a new album had been recorded in Studio Underground.

The new album ´Low Rider´ shows that NFAA today is back to the sound of the early days. Drawing major influences from bands as RAMONES, early BAD RELIGION, ROKY ERICKSON, early US punk/HC and 67-72. The album is comprised of thirteen orginals written by the two headed dog ´FAKTA & INGO´, plus a cover version of IN FLAMES ´EPISODE 666´.

In the spirit of D.I.Y the first release is on our own label ´BEAT ÉM DOWN RECORDS´. Marketing, administration and distribution are handled by Stockholm based company Deaf & Dumb Music and its subsidiary partners all over the world. Plans are being made for European shows in early 2009.

So crank it up and enjoy the ride !!.