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new model army

New Model Army are the legendary global underground cult band. Formed by Justin Sullivan in Bradford in 1980, their beginnings were inspired by Punk Rock, Northern Soul and the incendiary atmosphere of the times. Since then, they have had a long, creative and eventful journey. They have been massively influential in ‘post-punk’, ‘folk-rock’, ‘politico-rock’, ‘goth’, ‘metal’ and all kinds of musical sub-cultures but have successfully resisted truly belonging to any of these categories or genres. After more than twenty-six years, they have never lost the ability to change, to thrill or to challenge and they remain central to the lives of thousands of fans from all walks of life spread across the world.

A breakthrough appearance on live music TV show ‘The Tube’ was followed by a #1 independent album, 2 major record deals, top 40 singles, a controversial live performance on Top Of The Pops, countless festival appearances and thousands of enthralling live performances. Never afraid to experiment and never concerned by the fripperies of modern media New Model Army have carved a successful curve around the music industry norm. Having grasped early on that the Internet was about to revolutionise music, they were eager to set out on a wholly independent path from the mid 1990s. Now fans can keep in touch and up to date wherever they are, and it has been this one to one communication that has caused New Model Army’s international audience to increase, rather than decrease, in recent years.

In August 2007 the band release their 10th studio album, ‘HIGH’ - again on their own label and distributed through a hand picked selection of like-minded independent companies across the world. Produced by long time friend Chris Kimsey (notable for his work with the Rolling Stones, Jimmy Cliff, Killing Joke and countless others), it is their most melodic and guitar-driven work for sometime. The first three months of the ‘High’ tour is set to take in sixteen countries on four different continents and will continue on into 2008.

Originally formed as a three piece, the current five piece line up features, along side Sullivan on vocals & guitar, Michael Dean on drums, Nelson on bass, Dean White on keyboards and the newest recruit, blues guitarist Marshall Gill on lead guitar. This continual evolution of the line up keeps the band’s music and attitude hungry and focussed and partly explains how the band’s audience continually regenerates.

New Model Army are a band still as totally driven by creative ambitions as they have ever been.