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DORO – Eine starke Künstlerin

Als Dorothee Pesch Anfang der 80er Jahre den Entschluss fasst, Rocksängerin zu werden, betritt sie eine Männerdomäne. Als eine der allerersten Frauen wagt sie den Schritt in ein Genre, in dem sich die Rolle von Frauen bis dato auf das Anhimmeln von männlichen Rockstars beschränkt.

Und in dem viele Männer auch der Überzeugung sind, dass dies so seine Richtigkeit hat.

Doro irritiert das nicht. Sie gründet eine Band und geht ihren Weg. Schritt für Schritt kämpft sie sich gegen Vorurteile und Barrieren hindurch und heimst durch ihre überzeugte Art bald schon den ersten Respekt ein.

Ende der 80er ist sie mit ihrer Gruppe "Warlock" eine international erfolgreiche und beachtete Künstlerin. Viele Frauen nehmen sie sich zum Vorbild und werden ebenfalls Sängerin in einer Rock-Band. Rockmusik mit Frauengesang ist – dank Doro – salonfähig geworden. Rockmusik ist keine reine Männerangelegenheit mehr.

Bis heute genießt Doro, die seit Anfang der 90er unter ihrem Namen "Doro" Musik macht, allergrößten Respekt. Selbstbewusst hat sie Karriere gemacht, ohne dabei ihre Herzlichkeit zu verlieren.

Kämpfergeist ist ihr dabei stets wichtig gewesen, ebenso wie Bescheidenheit. Doro hat es nie nötig gehabt, durch Skandale auf sich aufmerksam zu machen. Gesundheitsbewusst lebt sie ihren Touralltag, hält sich fit und stärkt sich durch Thai-Kickboxen. Gerne engagiert sie sich für Schwächere. 2005 setzte sie sich im Rahmen einer PETA-Kampagne gegen das Leiden von Pelztieren ein.

Doro ist eine starke Frau, zu deren Freundeskreis auch viele andere starke Frauen wie beispielsweise die Box-Weltmeisterin Regina Halmich gehören. Trotz ihrer Stärke ist Doro jedoch ein sehr gefühlsbetonter Mensch. Der Tod ihres Vaters vor über zehn Jahren stimmt sie noch immer traurig. Bis heute schreibt sie sehr persönliche Songs über das Thema. Und mehr noch: durch sie haben auch die harten Rock-Fans gelernt, dass Gefühle zeigen keine Schwäche bedeutet.

DORO – Strong as strong can be When Dorothee Pesch decides to become a Rock singer in the beginning of the 80es, she enteres a men ´s world. As one of the very first women she dares to step into a genre in which women were men to be keen on male Rock stars until then. And in which many guys are convinced that this has to be like that. But Doro is not confused. She founds a band and follows her path. Step by step she fights against prejudices and barriers and soon gains first respect due to her convincing character.

End of the 80es she is, with her band Warlock, an internationally successful and respected artist. Many women model themselves on her and start their own Rock bands. Rock music with female voices has become – thanks to Doro – acceptable. Rock music no longer is a men ´s business.

Until today Doro, who is working under her own name "Doro" since the early 90es, enjoys biggest respect. Self-confident she has followed her career without losing her heartiness on the way. Her warrior soul has always been an important part of her thereby, as well as her modesty. Doro has never produced any scandals just to make people talk about her. During her touring days she leads a healthy life and is very much into fitness and Thai boxing. She loves to help the weak. 2005 she fight against the suffering of animals that are held for fur production with PETA.

Doro is a strong woman and she is friends with lots of other strong women such as the world boxing champion Regina Halmich. Though being strong she is a very emotional person. The death of her father around ten years ago still makes her sad. Still, she writes very personal songs about this topic. And not enough: through her, also hard Rock fans have learned that showing emotions does not mean being weak.







In the beginning was the word – wasn't it? From a biblical point of view, the word marked the beginning of all being in the world. However, the czech Heavy Metallers of Seven have written their own genesis and performed only instrumentally at the beginning of their career for a long time. It all got started when guitarist – and today's only founding member remaining - Honza Kirk Běhunek had to acknowledge to himself in the summer of 1995 that there would be no future for his former combo Whitelight after the departure of their long-time vocalist. Driven by the wish for the possibility to keep on playing heavy music, he teamed up with drummer Slavek Franc and bassist Jiri Kejsar to record the instrumental album “Blue Angels“ (1996). This happened under the name of Johny Band at first, which was changed before the end of the year. Seven was born! At the turn of the millenium, the next baby saw the light of day. “Crying World“ (2000) refrained from vocals once again. Despite this fact, remarkable sales figures were booked. Kirk takes a trip down memory lane: “We had been playing instrumental music for a long time. It was hard, yet it was possible thanks to all the people around Seven. I was searching for a voice to suit our music all the time – one that gives you goosebumps. It's always been my philosophy that no singer is better than a bad singer!”.

At about the same time with the workings on “Entice From Sea“ (2002), Kirk came into contact with Doro Pesch, which on the one hand eventuated in friendship that lasts until today and on the other hand resulted in a collaboration for the next record “Sevens“ (2004), on which the metal queen contributed to two tracks.

But for all that, life is and will remain a rollercoaster, and so Kirk found himself nearly back to square one in spring of 2006, after he'd been abandoned by his rhythm section. Several “castings“ followed, which led to the discovery of Radim Pigl, who emerged to be an appropriate successor on the drums ; the bass guitar was taken over by Kirk's student Martin Przececk. The new line-up debuted with “Light Of Souls“ (2007), which contained of one half with guest vocals and another instrumental half. Regrettably, the combo broke apart again soon, with the result that Kirk could welcome Lukáš Kuneš on drums and Petr Bidlo on bass guitar shortly afterwards.

Another employment ad ensued, to finally find a permanent singer after many years of searching – and to fulfill one of Kirk's heart's desires, as he remarks retrospectively: “I never really wanted to play only instrumental music, but it's very difficult to find a good male singer with personality in Czechia.“ More than 150 contenders followed the invitation to face the sceptical jury, containing of band leader and guitarist Kirk. In the end, Jiri Komberec turned out victorious. With his aid, another CD could be fabricated - “Seven Deadly Sins“ (2009).

Nevertheless, satisfaction didn't arrive in the band. The logical consequence? Exactly – more auditions! And when the guys started to think, it would never end, something magical occurred:

“Lukáš entered the room to sing to us, and right from the word go, I knew that he was our man – the one we'd always been searching for“, Kirk resumes. The new voice of Seven was found - Lukáš Písařík. The band started to tour Europe as the support act for Rage immediately, which turned out to be a thorough success – not only on stage. Backstage, Seven deepened their friendship with Rage's six string player Victor Smolski, whom they had met on several music fairs before, and who should produce their new album „Freedom Call“ later, as well as refining it with some of his lyrics.

 “I'd even consider him as a part of Seven“, Kirk states proudly. In the year 2011, Seven have found their inner balance – as everyone can hear: “Freedom Call“ combines 12 powerful songs, in which Lukáš Písařík celebrates his incomparably energized debut properly. One can't imagine anyone whose voice could surf the rock-hard, yet highly melodical riff-waves more elegantly than he does. What belongs together finally grew together! Recorded in czech Studio Propast, a dozen of metallic diamonds came into being, which aren't lacking anything – innovation and the tried and trusted conjoin with untamed joy of playing to result in an explosive, first-class firework of pleasure, whose echo will hog the auditory canals of die-hard Metal fans in the long run. “And God said: Let there be Metal! And Seven rocked.“

Support:  SEVEN

Support: SEVEN